Aerial Cinematography


Why use a Drone? (UAV)

Drones allow for the flexibility to combine the movement of a dolly, crane and helicopter all in one shot. In many cases, a drone can mimic most of these types of shots with less set up time and cost. Whether a shot is indoor or outdoor, a drone precisely controlled by our in house pilots will add significant production value.


Experience Matters:

Our pilots are capable of safely manoeuvering our drones in complex and accurate flight patterns allowing a director to put their creativity to the test.


Phantom 3 Professional 4k Edition

Main Purpose: Aerial Photography and Video
Top Speed: 50km/h
Max Altitude: 400m (Due to FAA Regulations)
Diameter: 0.4M (From Center of Motors)
Number of Motors: 4
Flight Time: 22-26min
Range: 500m
Resolution: 1080p / 4k
Extra features: Wireless live video feed from the camera

The Phantom 3 is all about efficiency. Its small size and weight allows it to hover in the air without drawing attention of spectators in the area. It features a built in 4k camera that allows manual control over the camera from the ground station. The Phantom 3 is extremely portable and it is great for maximising limited shooting time with virtually no setup time.